Hand Held Releases

  • Hardcore 4 Finger Revoultion Quick view


    Hardcore 4 Finger Revoultion

     Features: Trigger travel adjustment Trigger tension adjustment separate from trigger travel 360 degree head rotation Rotates on 11 ball bearings Removable loop retainer Fits both right and left hands 16 position trigger The Hardcore 4...

  • SEAR Small Back Tension Release Quick view


    SEAR Small Back Tension Release

    New for 2018! SEAR Small Back Tension Release Features: 4 sided SEAR Ultra smooth PVD Coating Magnetic hook hold 20% smaller than 2017 SEAR Same 5 color scheme as 2017 SEAR: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green and Teal Weighted brass handle Now...

  • Synapse Thumb Button Release Quick view


    Synapse Thumb Button Release

    New for 2018! Synapse Thumb Button Release Features: Precision milled internal components Adjustable trigger travel Adjustable trigger pressure Weighted brass handle Aluminum anodized cover and components Crisp operation  Multi-position...

  • SEAR Back Tension Quick view


    SEAR Back Tension

    Features: Fully Machined Components Heavy Brass Handle Adjustable Hot / Cold Setting 4 sided Sear with Variable Click Options Adjustable Fourth Finger Positioning 3 Position Adjustable Thumb Placement Yellow | SKU: BTY |...