MX-3 3 Blade 100 Grain Broadhead (3pk)

MX-3 3 Blade 100 Grain Broadhead (3pk)

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The MX-3 is a 3 Blade with a ultra short profile, wider cut, and thicker blades than our standard 3 Blade Muzzy. Features 1 3/16 Cutting Diameter, .025" Thick Blades, and the Bad To The Bone Trocar Tip! Shorter more compact design for increased accuracy and consistency off today’s faster bows, increased cutting diameter for larger entry and exit holes and more profuse blood trails, Trocar tip for bone breaking penetration, assembled 3-packs for ease of use and convenience includes set of practice blades, a standard Muzzy favorite. Replaceable practice and hunting blades available.


  • Short, compact design
  • Increased cutting diameter
  • Trocar tip
  • .025” SS blades
  • Aluminum anodized ferrule
  • Pack of 3 Broadheads 

100 Grain | SKU-225-MX3-3 | UPC 050301225442