Hypodermic Crossbow

Hypodermic Crossbow

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  • Stainless Steel Hypodermic Ferrule
  • 100 or 125 grains
  • 2” Cutting Diameter
  • .035 Blade Thickness
  • High Energy Series SHOCK COLLAR

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow broadheads, available in 100 and 125 grain configurations, were designed specifically for the crossbow archer and feature the same surgically sharp, .035-inch stainless-steel blades and a 2-inch cutting diameter with the unprecedented characteristics, penetration and durability that the Hypodermic is known for.

The Hypodermic Crossbow broadheads sport the popular hybrid tip that is sharp as a needle, allowing it to have the aerodynamics and accuracy of a leading-edge blade with the bone-crushing performance associated with a chisel tip. For optimum blade retention and consistent reliable deployment at all times, the Hypodermic Crossbow broadheads come equipped with the High-Energy-Series Shock Collar that matches the diameter of most crossbow bolts.