Simply Lethal® Bolts

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Simply Lethal® Bolts

Includes (3) Fletched Victory Crossbow Bolts with Installed Nocks and Inserts
(3) Rage 2-Blade CrossbowX Broadheads
(3) Field Points
Both Omni and Half Moon Nocks Included
Available in 20"
Works with Most Crossbow Setups
Rage does all the work in finding the perfect combination of carbon-fiber bolts, CrossbowX broadheads, vanes, field points and inserts, so hunters can spend more time shooting and less time getting ready to shoot.

The Rage Simply Lethal® bolts are pre-cut in two sizes: 20 inches to fit most crossbow setups. The Rage Simply Lethal® crossbow bolt package comes with three factory-fletched carbon bolts, three 100-grain CrossbowX mechanical broadheads and three 100-grain field points for practice. The package includes both Omni-style and half-moon nocks that are designed to fit most crossbow manufacturer recommendations. The popular Rage 100-grain CrossbowX broadhead flies like a field point and expands to a 2-inch-plus cutting diameter, and the Shock Collar provides proper retention of the tough, razor sharp .035-inch stainless steel blades until moment of impact.